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Ar-Ge Memory

Turkey's first software specially designed for Research and Development Centers

Söz Dijital and Netoloji Corporation

etoloji and Söz Dijital, experts in Corporate Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management (DMS), have joined forces


Söz Digital Management Consulting

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R&D Memory

Ar-Ge Memory is Turkey's first software specially designed for Research and Development (R&D) and Design Center management. With Ar-Ge Memory, prepared in compliance with ministry regulations, you can manage your R&D/Design center from a single program. Ar-Ge Memory will take over most of the time you spend on process tracking and documentation, reducing your labor costs and saving you time. With Ar-Ge Memory, you c...

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Soz-CutOptimizer is an optimization software that enables you to automatically calculate your one-dimensional cutting operations. It assists you in directing production with minimal waste and time loss by offering the most suitable solution options based on your production criteria. Soz-CutOptimizer automatically generates the optimal plan for cutting products like angle bars, profiles, rods, pipes, etc. By producing alte...